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Field Trips
Fun, engaging programs at 15 historic sites and museums around the state.

National History Day in Minnesota
In the National History Day program, students research and present papers, exhibits, performances, documentaries and websites.

History Live
Uses interactive video conferencing to deliver high-energy, interactive lessons to your school.

History Player in the Classroom
Costumed interpreters come to your classroom.

Apply for scholarships, grants and subsidies.

Professional Development

Workshops and Webinars
MNHS offers a variety of professional development options for educators.

Center for Social Studies Education
Clearinghouse of information about the social studies to assist teachers in meeting state standards.

Teaching with Primary Sources
Learn how to integrate primary sources into your classroom.


Northern Lights
Minnesota history curriculum for sixth grade.

Ed Kits
Enrich your lessons and engage students in complex history topics.

See how field trips meet Minnesota standards.

Online Resources
Primary and secondary sources about historical topics.

Join Us

Teacher Membership
All the benefits of Membership at a special discount.

6th Grade History Pass
Minnesota sixth grade students can visit Historic Sites and Museums for free!