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Museum Visit

The standard museum field trip includes all of the lively, interactive exhibits at the Minnesota History Center

Self-guided Options

Self-guided brochures help organize the exhibit experience. No additional fee.

  • Explore!
  • Museum Marvels

Enhance your field trip

  • Grainland (no additional fee)
  • Play the Past  ($2 per student)
  • Museum Lesson ($2 per student)

Self-guided Options

Help students examine artifacts and uncover stories in the History Center's museum exhibits. Teachers and chaperones work with small groups of students to facilitate each activity.

Timeframe: Allow 1-2 hours in the museum to complete activities.


Students dig deeper into exhibit themes and content when they answer questions using our Explore! booklets. Each student receives an illustrated booklet with questions and activities that guide and encourage interaction with the exhibits. Chaperones and teachers are provided with answer keys to help them facilitate discussion.

Student booklets (PDF) are available in six grade levels:
Pre-K  |  1-2  |  3-4  |  5-6  |  7-9  |  10-12

Museum Marvels

While exploring the museum, each student seeks out one object or item that is interesting, unusual or truly a “marvel” to him or her. Chaperones are provided with cameras to take photos of the students next to their favorite things. Students put the photo on a scrapbook page and answer questions about their object and about the day’s museum adventures. Past participants have used the pages to make a class book or to decorate school hallways.

Availability of this program is restricted due to a limited number of cameras.

Student scrapbook pages (PDF) are available in six grade levels:
Pre-K  |  1-2  |  3-4  |  5-6  |  7-9  |  10-12


Enhance your Field Trip


Students explore Grainland


Staff leads students in a 15-minute exploration of Grainland, tracing the journey of wheat, corn, and soybeans from farm to town to grain elevator. Climb through a replica grain elevator where bins and chutes are replaced with steps and slides and curving nooks and crannies.

Grainland Scheduling Policy

  • Grades K-6.
  • No additional fee.
  • Scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis during the field trip booking. No Grainland times will be added the day of a group's visit.
  • Grainland is facilitated by a museum staff member and can accommodate 30 students every 15 minutes.
  • Due to space limitations, we cannot guarantee that all students will be able to experience Grainland. Check your confirmation to verify participation in the activity.

Play the Past

Students using their iPods in Play the Past


Explore the Then Now Wow exhibit with iPods loaded with the Play the Past mobile app. Pursue quests, earn badges and collect artifacts in a personal digital backpacks. Back in the classroom, you and your students build upon their personal Play the Past experience through individualized research and post-field trip projects.


Museum Lessons

Add fun and focus to your museum visit with a 50-minute classroom lesson. Connect students with the real stuff of history — documents, photos, objects and more!

  • Add $2 per person
  • Maximum 30 students per lesson.

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Two students holding Ojibwe artifacts
Ojibwe traditions through change and challenge
Two girls holding frozen pizza with box
Minnesota inventors have changed our state and nation
Students demonstrate sawing a tree
Become a lumberjack!
Children building with blocks
Find out how Minnesota’s inventors got their big ideas
Two girls wear accessories worn by immigrants
An immigrant’s trunk is packed with stories
Children holding artifacts
The refugee experience in Minnesota
Children sitting in a circle
Dakota life in the mid-nineteenth-century
Students holding furs
Explore how the beaver brought the global trade to Minnesota
Kids looking at artifacts inside a suitcase
Immigration in Minnesota, then and now
Girl in Civil War uniform
Meet the men of Minnesota’s First Infantry, Company K from the Civil War
Girl sitting in wash tub
Step into the shoes of a kid from Minnesota’s past