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Museum Visit

Each Mill City field trip includes an exhibit scavenger hunt, a hands-on interactive lesson, and participation in some of Mill City’s signature experiences; a multi-media Flour Tower show, the film “Minneapolis in 19 Minutes Flat”, and an opportunity for students to visit the Koch Rooftop Observation Deck. Visits last up to 3.5 hours.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt, provided the day of your visit, help students dig deeper into exhibit content.
Student Booklets: K-2 | 3-5 | 6-8 | 9-12
Answer Keys: 3-5 | 6-8 | 9-12

Museum Lessons

A 40-50 minute lesson provides hands-on fun and focus to your visit. Choose a lesson from one of four categories: History Player, Baking Lab, Water Lab, or Mills & Machines.

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Mills & Machines
Build mechanical and electrical power to figure out how they each helped Minneapolis grow.
Mills & Machines
Build a solution to an early flour milling problem using the concepts of simple machines.
Baking Lab
Examine five nationalities that made Minnesota their home through the tools they use and foods they eat.
Water Lab
Discover how St. Anthony falls was changed and used to power Minneapolis industry.
Baking Lab
Bake your version of the classic chocolate chip cookie, with a flour twist, then create advertising to sell it!
Water Lab
Examine how and why St. Anthony Falls drew people to build Minneapolis.
Baking Lab
Explore the many jobs it takes to make wheat seeds into the bread we eat.
Mills & Machines
Step into the shoes of mill workers on a walking tour through the Washburn A Mill.
History Player
Travel along on the journey of a berry of wheat from farmer’s field, to the mills of Minneapolis.

Signature Experiences

The Flour Tower

Students will take an eight-story elevator ride through a recreated historic mill to hear the stories of employees who worked there. The ride uses historic film and photographs; the dramatic use of lighting, sound and special effects to tell the story of the mill when it was working. The ride provides your students with a memorable trip back in time - and allows them to experience the powerful, noisy process of transforming grain into flour. (30 students per show. Arrive a few minutes prior to showtime. Due to capacity some adults may not be able to participate in this experience.)

Minneapolis in 19 Minutes Flat

The film,“Minneapolis in 19 Minutes Flat”, is a lighthearted take on the city’s history by local humorist, playwright and radio personality Kevin Kling. Through photos, film and television footage, his own stories and memories, and animation students will be taken on a whirlwind tour of the history of our fair city, Minneapolis. (60 students per show.)

Koch Rooftop Observation Deck

Enjoy rooftop views of the Mississippi River, St. Anthony Falls, the Stone Arch Bridge, and the historic mill district.


Curriculum: Recipe for a Mill City

Recipe for a Mill City is a curriculum kit geared to third graders who will be visiting Mill City Museum. The activities can easily be used by younger and older grades. We hope you and your students enjoy the pre and post visit activities this curriculum kit has to offer.