Recipe for a Mill City Curriculum Kit

Recipe for a Mill City is a curriculum kit, including pre and post visit materials, designed for students who will be visiting Mill City Museum. Though geared for third graders, many of the activities can easily be adapted to be used by younger and older grades.

This curriculum kit is not intended to be a complete overview of Minneapolis history or the milling industry in Minnesota. Instead, it spotlights on three interconnected themes: People, Power and Flour.

The Recipe for a Mill City curriculum focuses on the following qualities:

  • Multi-disciplinary approach: The curriculum supports the student's mastery of basic skills and provides content and activities in language arts, science, and social studies;
  • Multi-cultural approach: The curriculum is relevant to diverse student populations with instruction that reflects their interests and points of view;
  • Integration of classroom curriculum: The curriculum enhances and supports the regular classroom course of study and is aligned to district grade level expectations.

A menu of all the pre and post activities is listed in each Teacher Guide. Prerequisites are listed in each lesson plan. Pick and choose which activities work the best for you and your students.