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About History Live

Our museum educators deliver lessons live to students all over the world—any location with an internet connection can participate.

Aligned to Standards

All programs are based on national and state academic standards.

Free Support Materials

Each History Live lesson includes a free Teacher Guide full of optional activities and resources that you may use to enrich and extend your video conferencing experience.

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What People Are Saying

"Great way to learn! We have not tried anything like this before. I've learned that with just a little time on my part, great programming can be brought to our rural students."
-6th grade teacher, MN

"VERY COOL with the interactive smartphones! LOVED this! I actually will mimic this teaching method for various lessons throughout the the year. Thanks for this awesome presentation!"
-11th grade teacher, IN

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How Does it Work?

Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC) is live two-way audio and visual communication between two locations via the internet. In plain English: Your students can see and hear the person on the TV and they can see and hear you.

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