1900s Logging Camp

1900s Logging Camp

1900s Logging Camp

Discover how natural resources influence industry

It's 1900 and America is growing fast! Students become lumberjacks at a logging camp to explore how loggers met the high demand for timber. Students also examine historic photos and logging artifacts to learn how humans and technology impacted the forest. 

Teacher Guides

Northern Lights Connections

Chapter 1: What is Minnesota?
Chapter 11: Flour, Lumber and Iron

Literature Connections

Blackwater Ben by William Durbin

Thirteen-year-old Ben works at Blackwater Logging Camp as cook’s helper to his Pa. Long days of flipping pancakes and peeling potatoes with his ornery Pa make Ben long to be out in the woods with the lumberjacks. Felling logs, sawing trees, driving a team through the snowy woods - that’s what Ben wants to be doing.


History Live

Become a Lumberjack
Grades 4-6
Length of time: 
50 minutes
$75/program for schools in Minnesota
$120/program for schools outside of Minnesota