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History Live: What People Are Saying

History Live: What People Are Saying


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Read a review of History Live from the Hockaday School.


Teacher Feedback

"The students remember so much information because of the interaction. All kids are engaged."

"It was completely amazing and the kids are still talking about it!"

"[Students] want to do it again. They are asking to learn more about the subject taught."

"Thanks again for your enthusiasm, organization, energetic presentation, supplies and support. People like you help teaching to come alive and motivate others to be creative, too."

"Students have a deeper appreciation for technology in the role of learning."

"Engaging, educational, fun, and totally rewarding interactive experience!"

"The program had many students actively engaged. They loved it! The program covered what our students are learning now about westward expansion, and also previewed a little bit of immigration. It also touched on many other topics that made for a really well-rounded social studies experience!" - Teacher from Camden Central Schools, New York


Student Feedback

"We got to see all sorts of logging activities and, better yet, got to see pictures of how they were actually done."

"The thing I liked the best was how you could show the maps and where he [Joseph Nicollet] went, with him explaining."

"It felt like the instructor was right there with us in the classroom."

"It was much more fun playing the logger roles than just reading about it."

"Thank you for coming to our school. We all enjoyed it and I love how you do something different to make learning fun!"

"I liked that we could interact and ask questions of the characters."

"I liked being able to interact by going to the front and acting with [the character]."

"The thing I liked the most in the IVC program was the great actor what had the wonderful accent [Joseph Nicollet]. He was awesome!"

"He told us a lot of different things that you won’t find in my history book."

"It felt like we were on a field trip to the History Center."

"I learned that Joseph Nicollet was good at math and science."

"I really enjoyed watching the actor and the slideshow behind him – everything was so much fun!"


See what national teachers are saying about us!

“LOVED IT!! The teachers thought it was very engaging and all the prep materials were great. The students weren’t bored, stayed active the entire time and would love to do it again. Highly recommended!” 6th Grade Teacher, WI

“We loved the program. It was probably the most interactive program we have had this year.” 5th Grade Teacher, TX

“I loved the two programs we did with y’all. They hit perfectly on the standards for 4th grade in South Carolina – they were highly-interactive and quite technologically advanced. I loved them. :)” -Technology Coordinator, SC

“The presenter was super about presenting the material in an age appropriate manner and in engaging the kids physically and mentally.” 4th and 5th grade teachers, WI

 “This program fit well into the studies of our grades 3 (Native Americans), 4 (settlers) and 5 (roles of children in the 1800’s ) students.” 3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade Teacher, VT

“A great way for students to learn through technology.” 5th Grade Teacher, WI

 “It coincided perfectly with our unit and “journey” on the Oregon Trail. It was perfect timing and went along great with our 4th grade standards.” 4th Grade Teacher, SC

“The interaction with the transportation portion was very good and tied in with the curriculum.” 4th Grade Teacher, NY