SARAH ASCHBRENNER. Sarah is the coordinator of National History Day in Minnesota. She can answer a variety questions about the History Day program, workshops, and ways for you to bring History Day into your classroom. Sarah can also answer questions about the statewide program, curriculum materials and workshops, alumni, fundraising, State History Day, and Minnesota's participation in the NHD national contestEmail Sarah or call her at 651-259-3489. 

TIM HOOGLAND. Tim (aka Mr. History) is an Instructor of History at the University of Minnesota. He has worked with History Day in Minnesota for the past 30 years and coordinates the U of M Mentor program, campus library programs, and campus engagement opportunities. Email Tim if you have questions about the U of M Mentor program, campus library programs,  or campus engagement programs.

JOHN "ACTION" JACKSON. Action works with History Day teachers and students in the St. Paul Public School District. Email Action or call him at 651-259-3426 with questions about media resources, the District contest for the St. Paul Public School District, or the Metro Junior West Regional.
JOHN LITTLE. John is the History Day TA at the University of Minnesota and works with the mentors from the U of M. He can be reached via the general History Day email for the U of M.  

SAMMI JO PAPAS (CORYELL). Sammi Jo coordinates the History Day library programs, like Hullabaloos and research field trips. She also works with college-aged mentors working in History Day schools and with schools in the southwestern, southeastern and south central part of the state and coordinates the Southwest, Southeast, and South Central Regional eventsEmail Sammi Jo or call her at 651-259-3439 with questions about library programs, mentors, or the Southwest, Southeast, or South Central Regional events.

BRITTANY PINALES. Brittany works with History Day teachers and students in the Minneapolis Public School District. Email Brittany or call her at 651-259-3428 with questions about ELL resources, the District contest for the Minneapolis Public School District, or the Metro Senior Regional.

GABE REESE. Gabe works with History Day teachers in Central and Northeast Minnesota. Email Gabe or call him at 651-259-3394 with questions about the Central (St. Cloud) and Northeast Regional events.   

HEATHER WARES. Heather is a History TA at the University of Minnesota and works closely with the library - helping lead research field trips and library guides. She can be reached via the general History Day email for the U of M. 

TORRIE WHITE.  Torrie works with History Day summer and outreach programs associated with History Day, as well as with select History Day schools in Minnesota. Email Torrie or call her at 651-259-3443 with questions about History Day summer or outreach programs, invoicing, or the History Day Research Paper contest.

National History Day in Minnesota is sponsored by the Minnesota Historical Society and the University of Minnesota, Department of History
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