History Day curriculum materials include a variety of tools for teachers to use to support classroom instruction. 

Downloads & Websites

  • National History Day Contest Rule Book: Available in English and Spanish.
  • Introduction History Day Student Guide (2020): This downloadable guide covers the entire History Day process. It can be adapted to fit the needs of your classroom or distributed to participating students.
  • Student Research Guide (2020): Another downloadable guide to help students keep track of their research notes. This guide is designed to be accessible for ELL students. 
  • Master Teacher Network: Get advice from other History Day teachers. This network has rubrics, calendars, and handouts from History Day teachers across the state. 
  • Teacher Framework: The Teacher Framework has lessons to guide students through the different steps of creating a History Day project. It is adaptable to fit your needs. Pick and choose what works for you!
  • Reading Content Levels: Gale Student Resources has a lot available for working with students who are ELL or have a low lexile reading level. This resource breaks down how to use their content effectively and help students understand their resources.
  • EL Curriculum Tools: Activities, handouts, and templates designed with EL (English Learner) students in mind.
  • NoodleTools: Exclusively available for educators using History Day, you can request a free subscription to NoodleTools. More information available here.


Minnesota History Day offers many types of professional development opportunities for educators. Join us to learn more or sharpen your History Day skills.


In addition to the free resources available on our website, History Day has a vendor that builds cardboard Exhibit boards specifically designed for History Day students.


Most of the videos we have created for our website and use in the classroom are available on our YouTube channel

Parent Letters

Parents and guardians can provide important support for students participating in History Day. Teachers can send these materials home, along with specific classroom deadlines, for students to share with parents or guardians. 
  • Welcome: English, Spanish, Somali, Hmong (Available Fall 2020)
  • Topic Selection & Theme: English, SpanishSomaliHmong (Available Fall 2020)
  • Research: English, SpanishSomaliHmong (Available Fall 2020)
  • Analysis & Thesis: English, SpanishSomaliHmong (Available Fall 2020)
  • Presentation & Project Categories: English, SpanishSomaliHmong (Available Fall 2020)
  • Judging & Competitions: English, SpanishSomaliHmong (Available Fall 2020)

Standards and Program Evaluation

The History Day program fulfills state standards in both Social Studies and English/Language Arts. The 2010 English/Language Arts standards includes "Literacy in History/Social Studies." These standards, for students in grades 6-12, outline the reading and writing skills students should attain at each of those grade levels. History Day teaches many literacy skills, requiring students to read primary and secondary sources, analyze information, and write text for their specific project.

National History Day in Minnesota is sponsored by the Minnesota Historical Society and the University of Minnesota, Department of History
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