Educator FAQs

How many students can I send to the Regional competition?
The number of students you are allowed to bring to a Regional competition will depend on a few factors. The number of students participating at your school, student participation at schools in your region, and space available at the Regional event all contribute to this number.  Completing the Participation Survey is essential for the staff in deciding how many students each school is allowed to send in each category.

I am a new History Day teacher. Is there an experienced teacher I can get in touch with for advice?
If you are new to History Day and would like some additional help there are many places to turn. Try our Master Teacher Network, which contains lesson plans and guides from teachers who have taught History Day for many years. You could attend a teacher workshop at the History Center led by History Day staff, or contact us at any time with questions.

When should we hold our school event?
Most schools hold their school events in February.  Make sure to allow time for students advancing to the Regional competition to make changes to their projects.  Registration forms for the Regional competition are due two weeks before the event. Be sure to select a school contest date that gives you enough time to collect and submit this information.

What assistance can I get in the classroom?
Contact your regional representative to find out what classroom assistance options are available for you. 

I don’t think my school is in a “grant area” for services.  Can we still have a staffer come out and introduce History Day to our classroom?
Yes.  There is a fee for a staff member to visit your classroom.  Contact your regional representative for more information.

How could History Day fit in my curriculum?
History Day can be implemented in a number of ways: as an after-school activity, a classroom assignment, as part of a gifted and talented program or as an independent assignment.  History Day is flexible so that any teacher in any classroom setting can participate.

How are the judges trained?
All judges receive orientation prior to the event and have the option of attending an additional training. Please see the Judge page for more information.

How can History Day work across other subjects? (Media Specialist, English teachers, etc)
History Day works differently in each school and classroom. With extensive reading, research, and writing, teachers often collaborate by having the writing portion be an English assignment, the Media Specialist displays relevent books and discusses Inter-Library Loan, and the Social Studies teacher works with the research.  See how History Day can fit the Social Studies Standards.

National History Day in Minnesota is sponsored by the Minnesota Historical Society and the University of Minnesota, Department of History
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