Judge FAQs

I’ve never judged History Day before.  Is that ok?
Absolutely!  We welcome veteran judges and new judges.  There will be a thorough orientation to take place one hour before judging begins.   There is a time for questions and answers and judging teams will consist of veteran and novice judges.

What qualifications are needed to be a History Day judge?
There are no required qualifications to judge a History Day event. However, judges should possess an interest in history and be comfortable interacting with students and making decisions.  A critical eye as well as the willingness to give your time as well as constructive feedback is an important.

What is the second round and do I have to stay for it?
There is a second round for the exhibit category at the regional events.  One member of each team must stay after the initial judging process to participate in the second round with members from other teams in your category.  You will need to decide with your partner who will be your group representative.  This group will decide who is advancing to the next level of competition.  

I feel I need more training than the orientation before the event.  Are there other judge training opportunities?
Yes.  There are two judge trainings in February and one in April before the State competition. Here, History Day staff will give a more detailed description of the judging process.  Attendees will go through a mock judging process and look at and dissect project examples.  Veteran and novice judges are welcome.

What kinds of questions should I ask the students?
Questions asked during the judging process should give the student the opportunity to tell you what they learned while creating their project.  The judge should never talk more than the student or make them feel as though they have not done enough research.  Questions about their research process, sources used, inspirations for the topic, and what they liked about the project are all appropriate questions.

How do I sign up to become a judge?
You can sign up on our website by filling out this online form. You will be asked which regional event(s) you plan to judge at. You will receive confirmation letter about two weeks before the event with instructions, and an e-mail a few days before the event for a reminder.

Can I get CEU’s for judging?
Yes, staff will have CEU’s printed and ready to hand out at the event.  All you have to do is ask a staff member for one.

National History Day in Minnesota is sponsored by the Minnesota Historical Society and the University of Minnesota, Department of History
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