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Master Teacher Network

Master Teacher Network

At our workshops, the information most requested by History Day teachers is examples of other teachers' in-class strategies and curriculum. History Day in Minnesota has assembled the curriculum of several of our long-time History Day teachers for use by other educators around the state.

Josh Austad, Rocori Middle School

  • Seventh Grade
  • Integrated into Curriculum
  • Rural Public

Josh's History Day teaching materials

Robin Ferguson, Breck School

  • Eighth Grade
  • Integrated into Curriculum
  • Surburban private

Robin's History Day teaching materials

Mandy Kraus and Megan Speers, Wayzata West Middle School

  • Seventh grade
  • Integrated into Curriculum
  • Suburban public

Mandy and Megan's History Day teaching materials

Bob Ferguson, South High School

  • Tenth/eleventh grade
  • Integrated into curriculum
  • Urban public

Bob's History Day teaching materials

Tom Hilgren, Chatfield Jr/Sr High School

  • Tenth grade
  • Integrated into curriculum
  • Rural public

Tom's History Day teaching materials

Bob Ihrig and Scott Urban, Mankato West High School

  • Tenth grade
  • Integrated into curriculum
  • Rural public

Bob and Scott's History Day teaching materials

Marty Marrin, DeLaSalle High School

- Eleventh grade
- Integerated into curriculum
- Urban private

Marty's History Day teaching material

Ron Hustvedt, Salk Middle School

  • 7th Grade Teacher
  • Integrated Curriculum
  • Rural Public

Ron's History Day Teaching Materials

Jenny Monroe - Lake Nokomis Community School (Keewaydin)

  • 7th/8th Grade
  • Integrated into Curriculum
  • Urban Public

Jenny's History Day Teaching Materials

David Howard - Capitol Hill Magnet School

  • 7th grade
  • Integrated into the Curriculum
  • Urban Magnet School

David's History Day Teaching Materials

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