Parent FAQs

Why don't paper entries get judged at a regional competition?
Due to the volume of entries and time it takes to properly review and judge them, paper entries are judged “off-site”.  Entries are sent to the History Center where they are sent out to judges who have around two weeks to judge a set of entries and decide with their judge partner the entries that advance to the next round of competition.  Fore more information, visit the papers page.

Why do website entries get locked out of making changes before the regional and state competitions?
Since websites take a longer time to completely view, judges are givent the student URL's in advance of the competition. The websites are then viewed in their entirety and studenct can highlight specific parts during their interview at the compeition depending on the questions the judges ask. We want the website to look the same for both judges viewing the project.

What should my student bring to the regional competition?
Students should bring their project (exhibit board, documentary, performance props/costumes) as well as four copies of their process paper and four copies of their annotated bibliography.  Since there is down time, it is suggested they also bring homework, games, etc., to occupy time between their judging slot and the awards ceremony.

My child’s school doesn’t do History Day.  How do I register?
We encourage students to do History Day even if their school does not participate.  If there are no other students at the school participating, parents should contact History Day staff to let them know, and parents can enroll as a “home school” type entry.  If other students at the school are also participating without the assistance of a teacher, we recommend you contact the student's social studies teacher or media specialist to inquire if they might be willing to act as the students' mentor for the project. The mentoring teacher would then enroll.

Can I pay for my child’s entry fee at the regional competition?
Yes. The entry fee can be found on the registration form.  We will accept cash or check.  

Can I watch other entries at the regional competition?
Yes.  All categories are open to the public.  Please remember to turn off cell phones, and remain quiet while watching performances and documentaries.

How can I be a supportive parent?
See Role of the Adult

I can’t answer technology questions.  Who can?
If your student is struggling with using the website builder Weebly, or creating a documentary with a movie editing program, we suggest contacting a technology specialist at school.

How many other students will my child be competing against?
There is no set number of how many students your child will be competing against. However, it should be noted that projects will only be judged against like projects.  For example, all Junior Individual Exhibits will compete against only Junior Individual Exhibits.  Groups will not compete against individuals, and the Junior division will not compete against the Senior division.

How can my child get help outside of school?
Students can get help via the History Day e-mail address, by e-mailing a History Day staff member, or by attending a Hullabaloo.

National History Day in Minnesota is sponsored by the Minnesota Historical Society and the University of Minnesota, Department of History
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