Regional Registration Instructions


Participation in a Regional History Day contest is organized through your school. In mid-January, each school is given a maximum number of entries that they may register for their Regional History Day contest. It is up to the school to determine which entries are eligible to register, either through teacher selection or selection at a school-level History Day contest. Only Exhibit, Documentary, Performance, and Website entries compete at the Regional level of Minnesota History Day competitions. Research Papers enter projects directly to State History Day through a mail-in competition.


Once selected at the school-level, each Exhibit, Documentary, Performance, and Website entry must register for their Regional History Day contest by completing the entry form and submitting the entry (if applicable) fee by the registration deadline. Teachers may choose to send their schools’ entry forms in as a group or to have students submit their own forms in their own. Forms are available online, but parents should talk to their child’s teacher to confirm their child has qualified for the Regional contest and/or to see who should submit registration materials.


All members of a group must register, pay the entry fee, and be listed on the entry form even if they are unable to attend the Regional contest. Once a group enters the Regional level of competition, they may not change or add group members. Fees are not refundable once the registration deadline passes.
Website Entries: Website students should not password protect their websites and should publish their Websites regularly to make sure the most recent version of the Website is published to the Internet. Website students are locked out of editing their Website one week before their Regional contest to give judges enough time to review Websites in advance of the competition. Website students should bring a laptop or tablet to the competition to reference during the interview.


If you have general questions about the competition process, please contact Sarah Aschbrenner. If you have specific questions about the Regional contest, please contact the event coordinator listed with the event on our website.

National History Day in Minnesota is sponsored by the Minnesota Historical Society and the University of Minnesota, Department of History
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