Research Papers

Paper Competition Process

Papers do not compete alongside exhibits, documentaries, websites and performances at the Regional event due to the length of time needed to view and judge a paper. The judging process works as follows:

  • Papers are mailed to the state History Day office in early March for a first level of judging.
  • History Day staff sort the papers into judging teams, and mail out the projects to teams of judges.
  • Paper judges have about two weeks to review and judge the projects, and then they send their results back to the State History Day office, along with completed judge forms.
  • History Day staff notify paper finalists.
  • Finalists are allowed to make changes before submitting a final project back to the History Day office about three weeks before the state competition.
  • The final projects are mailed to new teams of judges.
  • Paper finalists are interviewed at the State competition.

Each school may enter as many papers as they would like into the first level of judging. Each school must still complete the participation survey in January for paper projects.

Important 2014 Dates for Paper Students:

  • Tues., March 4: All papers due at the Minnesota History Day office. ($12 State entry fee per student)
  • Thurs., March 6: List of all received papers posted online. 
  • Fri., March 28: Paper finalists notified. If you are not chosen as a finalist, you will not be notified. Check the History Day website to confirm your status.
  • Tues., April 15: Finalist papers due at the Minnesota History Day office. Students are encouraged to make changes based on feedback.
  • Sat., May 3: Finalists interviewed at the State History Day competition.


2014 Paper Finalists

All papers were distributed to judges who worked remotely in teams of two to read, discuss, rank, and write comments for these entries. After judge teams submitted their results, we conducted a semi-final round of evaluation. Different judge teams read the top entries from each preliminary judge team to determine the top 12 entries in each category. 
The final round of evaluation in the paper category will take place at State History Day on Saturday, May 3. Paper finalists were notified via phone on Friday, March 28. Packets of entry materials were sent to teachers to share with these students. Paper finalists must submit a new entry form as well as four updated copies of their paper and bibliography. Paper finalists do not need to submit any additional entry fees. These materials are due received at the Minnesota History Center no later than 8:00 PM on Tuesday, April 15. Paper finalists can find more information about State HIstory Day on our websiteStudents who are NOT listed as finalists will NOT be interviewed at State History Day.