Website Process

Website Competition Process

In 2014, website entries will be judged in-person at the regional level of competition. Papers will be continue to be judged off-site.

The popularity of the website category has grown steadily since its introduction several years ago. As the category had fewer entries when it was established, it made sense to judge the projects through the same off-site judging process in use for the paper category. As the websites have become more popular, we heard from teachers that they wanted their website entries to have the same valuable competition experience as students in other categories.

In summary, the inclusion of websites in regional judging may limit the overall number of websites that are submitted into the competition by each school, but will increase the number of websites that move on to State. The key to this change is personalizing the website judging process and increasing the engagement of students with History Day judges.

Having Website Issues?

If you are having difficulties with your website, or are unsure if you've created it in the correct format, please visit the National History Day Website Editor Issues page for help.  


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