Websites allow you to tell your story using your own words, pictures, videos, and images to share online. This category is great for students that like to work with computers and technology. Students can work alone or in groups to create a Website. Students must use the official NHD Website Editor to create their website. National History Day is now using NHDWebCentral as its platform. Do NOT create a new Weebly account for the 2019-2020 school year. 

NHDWebCentral Specific Resources

Minnesota History Day NHDWebCentral Help

Minnesota History Day has developed a series of guides to walk students through the historical and computer-based steps to create a basic website. These guides are meant to be followed in order. 

  1. Account Set-Up (Google Doc): Set-up your NHDWebCentral Account
  2. Get to Know NHDWebCentral (Google Doc): Feature overview
  3. Plan Your Website (Google Doc): Use your thesis to divide content and decide which pages you need on paper before creating your site.
  4. Create Your Page Template (Google Doc): Set-up your unique page template, duplicate for supporting pages, and link through the navigational menu
  5. Plan Your Pages and Prepare Content (Google Doc): Sketch out your website on paper and create a plan
  6. Add Content to Pages (Google Doc): Use your plan to add content to your website including columns, text blocks, images, audio/video, and PDF.
  7. Bells and Whistles (in progress)

As changes are made to NHDWebCentral, the guides will be updated to reflect new information. These guides are only available as Google Docs. If you are not able to access them due to your school's security settings, talk to your teacher. Do not request access to the document through Google as we will be unable to grant it.

Sample Website

With student permission, we have recreated a past National Qualifier website in the new NHDCentral platform:


Direct any questions about the guides to Sarah Aschbrenner. Use the help feature in NHDWebCentral to report problems with the platform.

General Resources

National History Day in Minnesota is sponsored by the Minnesota Historical Society and the University of Minnesota, Department of History
Minnesota Historical SocietyUniveristy of Minnesota