History Player in the Classroom - K-12

Thank you for your interest in scheduling a History Player. This form allows you to request a performance. We'll contact you to confirm the date and time.

Please note:

  • Presentations are intended to last approximately 45-50 minutes.  We do allow for a Q & A time at the end.
  • Maximum attendance size is 60 people.
  • Schedule multiple performances with at least 10 - 15 minutes between presentations.
  • Maximum of 4 performances per character per day.
  • Performances must be scheduled before December 1, 2015 and cannot be scheduled beyond March 31, 2016.
Contact Information
What is the best phone number to reach the coordinator on the day of the performance?
Scheduling Information
Anything we need to know about audience or space where will the performance take place.
Any information about parking, entry, directions, landmarks, etc. that we should know.