Glossary of Terms: Becoming Minnesotan

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Noun:  The amount of money paid for a period of work (usually by the hour).

walks of life

Occupations, roles, social classs, or lifestyles. 


Adjective:  Off-track; on the wrong path.


Noun:  Aid provided by a government to people in need, especially financial aid


Adjective:  Having good manners; polite, courteous, and socially correct; conforming to standards of good behavior.


Adjective:  Of, relating to, or characteristic of the West, that is, the noncommunist countries of Europe, the Americas and Australia.

Western medicine

Noun:  The type of medical treatment that is the most popular in North America and Western European countries, based on the use of drugs and surgery to treat symptoms.


Adjective:  Imbued with characteristics associated with the Western world, that is, the noncommunist countries of Europe and America.


Noun:  A woman whose husband has died.


Noun:  1.  A document describing a person's intentions for his or her property and money after death.  2. One's intention or desire.


Adverb: Intentionally; on purpose.

work ethic

Noun: The value that one ought to work hard at one's job or duties.


Noun:  A brief intensive course of education for a small group; emphasizes interaction and practical problem solving.

wreak havoc

Verb:  To cause damage, disruption, or destruction.  (wreaks, wreaking, wreaked)

nid: w