Introduction: Support Students With Primary Sources

View on YouTube | Transcript (PDF)

Supplementary Materials

Video Guide (PDF)

View discussion questions, resources for professional development, and more!

Primary Source Analysis Tools

Use these tools to help students analyze primary sources deeply and engage with the cultural perspectives of the source-creators.

"But That's Just Good Teaching"

Read Gloria Ladson-Billing’s article explaining CRP and what it looks like in the classroom.

CRP Supported by Primary Sources (PDF)

Print this one-page guide to using primary sources to support culturally responsive teaching.

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in the Early Elementary Classroom: A 2nd Grade Example

Watch this webinar to learn how CRP coach Jehanne Beaton develops a culturally relevant lesson for 2nd graders supported by primary sources.

Addressing Student Misconceptions (PDF)

Use a Reading and Analyzing Non-Fiction (RAN) chart to respond to student misconceptions with primary sources.

Investigating Cultural Competence

Use these materials to investigate cultural competence with teaching colleagues or students. 

Question Formulation Technique

Use this technique from the Right Question Institute with students to help them ask deep, higher-order thinking questions to lead historical investigations.

Confronting Controversy

Reflect on how to successfully facilitate difficult discussions on controversial issues with young children.



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