Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Tenet 2

Watch fifth grade teacher Geoff Freeman lead his students through a primary source-based activity addressing tenet two of culturally relevant pedagogy (students develop cultural competence). See students analyze historic maps of St. Paul and create their own maps as they explore past and present culture characteristics of their school and neighborhood.

View on YouTube | Transcript (PDF)

Supplementary Materials

Video Guide (PDF)

View discussion questions, resources for professional development, and more!

Lesson Plan (PDF)

Take a look at Geoff’s lesson plan in context.

Primary Source Set (PDF)

Find Geoff’s complete primary source set.

Tool for Analyzing Maps

Culturally Responsive Teaching

This video from Teaching Tolerance, featuring scholars of culturally responsive instruction like Geneva Gay, discusses culture and its role in culturally responsive teaching.

Who Maps the World?

This article from City Lab discusses how perspective affects how maps are created and how groups are using online mapping tools to change previous biases.

A History in Which We Can All See Ourselves

Explore how other teachers are using primary source documents in a culturally relevant way.


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