Immigration Past and Present Teacher Cohort

MNHS is excited to offer a teacher cohort for the 2018-2019 school year, "Immigration to the United States, Past and Present," for educators teaching grades 6-12 social studies in Minnesota.

Immigration to the place we call the United States has risen, fallen, and changed over the last 400 years, but has been a constant presence. Countries of origin shift. American response to newcomers varies. Immigrant experiences share common threads amidst vastly different times and places.

In our present, as in our past, immigration is a complex topic. As a historical subject in our classrooms, immigration is included in almost all eras we teach, and as a current event, it is omnipresent in our news and personal conversations. Each generation of immigrants and native-born Americans has grappled with the encounter of new and old, but it can be challenging for students to see similarities between their reality and the reality of past groups.

The 2019 cohort will examine immigration through the lenses of push and pull factors. Participants will focus on political, economic, social and environmental factors across time and analyze the experiences of immigrants who left their home countries for similar reasons, in different decades and centuries. Cohort teachers will address the question: What are the connective threads between immigrant experiences?

Cohort sessions will be tied to locations that represent push/pull factors, including economic, political, social and environmental. We will make connections across different groups from different times, as well as connections to Minnesota's immigration past and present.

Cohort participants are expected to attend all events [note: the January dates have changed]:

  • January 11-12, 2019: American Swedish Institute (Minneapolis) and Minnesota History Center (St. Paul)
  • Two virtual meetings to be scheduled in the spring (dates TBD)
  • June 18-20, 2019: bus tour of the Iron Range

Participants will also write one blog post and complete a few pre-readings. The cohort fee of $300 covers some meals, bus travel, hotel for two nights in June, ground transportation, and museum admission. Limited subsidies for January sub fees and travel are available for eligible teachers. 

This is an application-based program, and space is limited to 20 teachers. 

Applications are due October 24. Successful applicants will be notified by November 1. Please contact Jessica Ellison with questions.