Northern Lights Copyright and Use Information

The Minnesota Historical Society makes these digital images from the Revised 2nd Edition of Northern Lights available for teachers and students in schools/school districts that have purchased the Revised 2nd Edition of Northern Lights.

Many of the images and documents are part of the Minnesota Historical Society Collections. Use of these items outside of regular curricular use (e.g. classroom use, student projects) is governed by the Minnesota Historical Society Use Policy.

The Minnesota Historical Society has obtained permission to use images, documents and other resources that are not part of its collections. The Minnesota Historical Society does not have authority to grant or deny use of these items outside of use with the Northern Lights curriculum. Please contact the owner of the resource for permission.

The Minnesota Historical Society commissioned charts, graphics and illustrations. Use of these resources other than with a purchased Northern Lights Revised 2nd Edition is strictly prohibited without written permission.

If you are not clear about permission to use a specific resource, please contact northernlights2@mnhs.org.