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Annotated Teacher's Edition
$80 (print)

A range of resources helps teachers make the most of the Northern Lights curriculum. Includes best-practice teaching tips, field trip suggestions and a pronunciation guide.  Spiral bound, durable softcover.

More features:

  • Background historical information
  • Chapter overviews
  • Lists of key terms
  • Each chapter includes these worksheets:
    • Mapping exercise
    • Objective test
    • Reading comprehension
    • Creative Activity
    • Investigation Activity

Digital Worksheets
$25 per School (Word and PDF)

Customize worksheets for your classroom. You can edit Northern Lights worksheets to tailor activities to your students' needs.

Minnesota Maps Poster Set $50

Set of eight 24" x 30" posters of Minnesota maps from the Northern Lights textbook.

Digital Northern Lights

A fully-digital interactive Northern Lights curriculum is in development. It will be accessible via web browsers and handheld devices and will include video, audio, image slideshows, interactive maps and diagrams.


Student Edition 

Colorful primary sources from the Minnesota Historical Society collections bring our state's history to life. Student-friendly sidebars engage students as they develop critical thinking skills.


  • Meets all new 6th-grade state social studies standards
  • 20 chapters from pre-contact to today
  • 20 interactive investigations, that encourage active inquiry
  • Hundreds of primary sources
  • History, civics, economics and geography connections
  • Vetted by content experts, historians and teachers
  • Enriched American Indian content
  • Engaging narrative style
  • Glossary of terms

Free Online Resources

Find additional resources organized by chapter:

  • Digital versions of primary sources
  • Supplemental digital resources from the Minnesota Historical Society

Teacher Workshops

The Minnesota Historical Society offers professional development on the Northern Lights curriculum and other history topics.