Tips for Users

Tips for Users


Northern Lights Interactive eBook Instructional Videos

These videos were created to support login, as well as navigation and general usage. 

Using the Interactive eBook

How can I access the Northern Lights Interactive eBook?

There are two options for accessing the Northern Lights Interactive eBook:

Access via a device’s cellular network (not WiFi) may use significant data as the videos and audio are large files. Due to increased internet usage during the COVID-19 pandemic, internet speeds and usage in your area may affect the download/stream speed of the Interactive eBook.

Web Browser Access

What devices and web browsers does the eBook work on?

It is optimized for use on iPads, Chromebooks, Macs, PCs, and the Surface Pro. It will also work on most other devices with web browser access, including tablets and smartphones, though full functionality may not be available.

The browser version is optimized for use on the Google Chrome browser; there are no known compatibility issues with Microsoft Edge, or Apple’s Safari browsers; it is not supported for use on Internet Explorer or Firefox. The Interactive eBook functions optimally in portrait mode.

How do I access the eBook in a web browser?

Enter into your device’s web browser. Click or tap the  icon found at the top or bottom of the screen to enter username and password. Use the login provided by your school. 

Additional instruction is located in the video tutorial above or in the “How to Access the eBook on a Web Browser” infographic found on the home page of the Interactive eBook.

iPad App Access

The MNHS Education iPad app was updated in June 2019. Please make sure you are using version 3.0. The app is optimized for iOS10-iOS13; it is functional in iOS9, but not optimal. The iPad app functions optimally in portrait mode. 

How do I get the iPad app?

  • In your iPad's App Store, search "mnhs education" to find and download the free app, or go here.
  • Schools/districts may install the iPad app on devices in different ways. It may be mirrored out using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, or the app may be installed manually on iPads.

I’ve downloaded the app and I can see the chapters, but it says “Restricted Access” when I click/tap on a chapter.

Chapter content can only be accessed if a user is logged in and has downloaded a chapter. “Restricted Access” means you’re not logged in. Login using the username and password provided by your school.

Additional instruction is located in the video tutorial above or in the “How to Access the eBook on the iPad App” infographic found on the home page of the app. 

I’ve downloaded a chapter, but now it's gone.

  • Interactive eBook chapters are large files and iPads have limited storage. If a chapter previously downloaded is no longer available, the device ran out of storage. Simply re-download the chapter.
  • We strongly encourage you to only download the chapters you need, so as to preserve storage space on your iPad.

Logging In and Password Help

The username and password are not working.

  • School-purchased usernames and passwords (unique to a school or district) may have capital letters and punctuation. Be sure to enter them exactly as provided.

District Tech Support

If the web servers listed below are blocked by the IT department at a school or district, the Northern Lights Interactive eBook will not function. Please whitelist them, if necessary.



If questions remain, please contact the Northern Lights team.