Play the Past


Play the Past is a student-directed field trip experience in which students use iPods to explore the Minnesota’s Greatest Generation (6th graders) and Then Now Wow (4th-6th graders) galleries. Through critical thinking and collaboration, they earn badges and collect digital items for later use.

  • How does Play the Past Work?
  • What is a Digital Backpack
  • How do I Sign Up?

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Field Trip Quests

Students pursue areas of activity, or quests, within Play the Past.

Minnesota’s Greatest Generation

  • The Great Depression
  • World War II
  • The Boom

Then Now Wow

  • Tipi
  • Fur Trade
  • Iron Mine
  • Sod House

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In Your Classroom

Back in the classroom, you and your students can use digital artifacts collected on the field trip for deeper investigation and follow-up.

  • Create your own activities or use our suggestions
  • Reflective questions following your field trip

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