In Your Classroom

In Your Classroom

The Minnesota Historical Society developed these quests to reflect the theme of Northern Lights Sixth Grade Social Studies Curriculum and Minnesota Social Studies Standards.


Back in the classroom, you and your students can use the digital artifacts collected on the field trip for deeper investigation and follow-up. Create your own activities or use our suggestions below.

Tell Me a Story

Design an online poster that illustrates life on the Minnesota Prairie

Just Published

Write an online blog articulating the most important time/place in Minnesota history

Game On!

Create a new storyline for a history quest on the open source game platform called ARIS

Bonjour Boozhoo

Using digital online tools, visually illustrate what life was like during the fur trade era


Guiding Questions

Reflective questions following your field trip:

The Great Depression

  • What was the Great Depression?
  • Name some ways the Great Depression impacted Minnesotans.
  • What problems did children face during this time period?

World War II

  • How did life change in Minnesota during the war?
  • Find three examples of different ways Minnesotans joined the fight.
  • How was life different for Minnesotans who stayed home than Minnesotans who traveled to Europe or Asia to fight?

The Boom

  • How did the end of World War II play a role in the growth of technology?
  • Why did so many people start families after World War II?
  • What challenges did Minnesotans of color face when they got home from war?

Fur Trade

  • How were beaver pelts valuable to American Indians and Europeans in the trade?
  • what are the roles in the fur trade?
  • how did each side benefit?

Iron Mine

  • Why do you think iron miners in Minnesota went on strike?
  • What kind of conditions were miners working in?
  • What type of issues did the miners face?

Sod House

  • What was life like on a homestead in late 1800s?
  • What kind of hardships did settlers face on the prairie?
  • What were some ways settlers kept themselves fed on the prairie?
  • What were some ways settlers kept themselves warm on the prairie?
  • What did some settlers have to do during the grasshopper plague?