Field Trip Quests

Field Trip Quests

Play the Past is part of a field trip to the Minnesota History Center, designed for 4-6th graders to explore two large gallery spaces.

Students are challenged to complete “Quests” in the Then Now Wow and Minnesota’s Greatest Generation galleries.

The Great Depression

In this first section of the Minnesota’s Greatest Generation exhibit, students use augmented reality to meet Minnesotans struggling through the Great Depression. Students search for real artifacts in the exhibit to help these Minnesotans with their struggles.

World War II

In the World War II quest, students immerse themselves in the war effort through military service or on the homefront. Students translate Japanese coded messages, identify enemies from within an armored vehicle, train wartime pilots, make bullets at a factory, participate in a starvation study, or collect scrap metal.

The Boom

In the Boom quest, students meet war veterans after World War II who are seeking work and housing. Students help them navigate their life choices and at times see the realities of racial discrimination.



In the Tipi Quest, students meet young people from Dakota communities today and explore contemporary expressions of longstanding traditions in art, food, and language.

Iron Mine

Through this directed discovery experience, students will don a hard hat and explore mine work in Northern Minnesota during the early 1900s.

Fur Trade

Students can visit a fur post from the early 1800s and step into the shoes of a hunter or a clerk to trade goods.


Sod House

In this hands-on environment, students are encouraged to explore 19th century immigrant life on the prairie.