On Your Field Trip

On Your Field Trip

"This makes my students actually look. They pay attention and focus. I could see using Play the Past just for that."

-K-12 ESL Teacher

Play the Past is experienced as part of Then Now Wow, the biggest exhibit ever created by the Minnesota Historical Society. It's designed for school-age children to explore 14,000 square feet of Minnesota history. Students pursue up to four main areas of activity, or quests, within Play the Past—an iron mine, a sod house, a fur trading post and a tipi.


  • Iron Mine

    Through this directed discovery experience, students will don a hard hat and explore mine work in Northern Minnesota during the early 1900s. MORE

  • Sod House

    In this hands-on environment, students are encouraged to explore 19th century immigrant life on the prairie. MORE

  • Fur Trade

    Students can visit a fur post from the early 1800s and step into the shoes of a hunter or a clerk to trade goods. MORE

  • Tipi

    In the Tipi Quest, students meet young people from Dakota communities today and explore contemporary expressions of longstanding traditions in art, food, and language. MORE