Nature, wildlife, history, romance — there is no shortage of inspiration for photographers at Split Rock.

Split Rock Lighthouse is one of the most recognized and photographed icons in the state. Luring professional and amateur photographers alike, the dramatic scenery can be captured from a variety of vantage points.

Note: Drones and other unmanned aircraft systems are prohibited without written permission from the site manager. Contact us at for questions and permissions.

The historic site is not accessible 24/7. Please visit our Hours and Admission page for information about when the site is open to the public.

Photography & Art at the Rock

This monthly rotating photography and art show in the lobby of the visitor center at Split Rock Lighthouse showcases landscape and wildlife photographers and artists of the area. The goal is to celebrate the wonder of nature and the passion of photographers and artists.

MILKY WAY. Photo Credit Travis Novitsky.

Photo Credit Travis Novitsky.

2024 Photographers/artists:

March – Lynn Steiner
April – Doug Cottrell
May – Natalija Walbridge
June – Travis Novitsky
July – Ken Harmon
August – Jackie Scherer
September – Stephanie Irwin
October – Kris Kieper

Seasonal photography

Convenient hiking trails will lead you to all the best spots, and with the changing of the seasons, there’s always a reason to come back for more.


In the winter the shoreline comes alive with many ice features and sea smoke. We recommend dressing for the weather and wearing a good pair of ice cleats for hiking along the shore. In the winter the sun rises out over the lake creating vibrant sunrises that can stretch across the sky.


In the spring nature comes out of hibernation and hints of green start to pop in the trees. There can be extended periods of fog creating many moody mornings. Depending on when you visit, the sun will start to rise behind the cliff of the lighthouse.


In the summer, the North Shore is in its prime. The shoreline below the lighthouse is full of little puddles that will create many reflection opportunities if you are in the right spot. The sun rises very early and behind the cliff of the lighthouse.


Autumn is a favorite time for photographers. The temperatures cool down and the leaves begin to change color, which makes for spectacular photo opportunities. Visit the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website for a fall color report. The sunrises are starting out over the lake again and are later in the morning.